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Our next Hands-On Beekeeping field trip!

Okay, so you can purchase the hive, you can even purchase a queen and bees, but what do you do then? Maybe you have even read the books that are recommended. You are ready… yet you are still waiting for something or someone to help you get started. Well, you are in luck! BASC offers field trips to an experienced member’s beeyard […]

Healthy Bee Products

Yahoo Health has an article discussing the many healthy products made by bees. Some include: honey for sore throat, honey as the ultimate antibiotic for cuts and scrapes, royal jelly, pollen and diet, and uses for propolis. Please go to:

Why Choose Beekeeping as a Hobby or Profession?

Why Choose Beekeeping as a Hobby or Profession?          Beekeeping truly is one of the worlds oldest professions, closely linked to the development of agriculture in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Though we have learned much about how honey bees accomplish such amazing things, each new discovery leads to new questions to ask, and new secretes […]

Why are Honey Bees and Beekeeping Important?

Why are Honey Bees and Beekeeping Important?      Honeybees do much more than just make honey. one third of the U.S. diet depends on honey bee pollination. Honey bees provide 80% of pollination for vegetable, fruit, seed and flower crops. They also pollinate the forage crops fed to dairy and meat animals. In this way, […]


A new product has been developed that is designed to increase the effectiveness of both pollination and brood build-up. The product is called Superboost, developed by Pherotech International, Inc. This product is being distributed by Mann Lake Ltd, who brought literature and some sample materials to the California State Beekeepers Convention last November. At the […]

Books for Beginners

Many questions that new and potential beekeepers have usually ends with book recommendations. Books do not replace actual physical experience, yet the opposite is also true. The knowledge and true reasoning behind honey bee behavior, physiology, and pathogens can not be correctly understood by simple observation. Beekeeping for Dummies is probably the best book for beginners. […]