• This month’s meeting March 28th, 2013

Thank you to everyone that came out to the Beekeeping 101 event April 25th. According to my sign-in sheet, we had 62 people in attendance. I (as well as others) have some great pictures of 60+ beekeepers all in “moon suits” walking up the hill to the apiary location. It is really something to see. “Either the bee club is having an event or we’re being invaded.”

A special thanks to Jerry for allowing us to once again hold this event at his house. Thank you Ron for organizing the schedule and starting us off. BASC really appreciates all the presenters and speakers that showed up to explain what all the equipment is and how it works. Lastly, I’d like to thank Jim Mieras of Pierce-Mieras Mfg. (Fullerton) for providing protective gear for sale to our new beekeepers. Many who showed up were now able to purchase veils, hats, suits, and tools on site and then head up to the bees in the apiary.

That was a record attendance for this event! We will try to have another one this year and then again in Spring of next year.

Mark Allen (Past President)