• Christmas Banquet Speaker

This year we are honored to have Dr. Christina Wahl talk to us about the “Inside the Honeybee’s Body: a Brief Tour of the Inner Workings for Curious Beekeepers”

Christina Wahl is an Associate Professor of Biology at Wells College in Aurora, NY.  She also holds a courtesy appointment as an Associate Professor in the Department of Biomedical Sciences at the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine.  Professor Wahl earned her doctorate in Physiology at Cornell University in 1990.  She is a fourth generation beekeeper, a tradition that started when her great-grandfather became a sideliner around 1887.  Since then, the Wahl family has included all kinds of beekeepers…commercial, hobbyist, and wishful thinkers. Professionally, Professor Wahl studies vertebrate craniofacial development and the visual ecology of larval and juvenile fishes. She teaches courses in anatomy and physiology, developmental biology, and vertebrate zoology. Her husband Ellis Loew is a professor at the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine.  They have two daughters and they enjoy homebuilding and traveling together (but Ellis lets Christina do all the beekeeping).

You can read more at http://nybeewellness.org/