• March Program

Please join us Thursday March 27th at 6:30PM when we will have guest speaker Kris Fricke who will talk about his beekeeping travels around the world including Africa and Australia.

When Kris Fricke was 11 his family got their first beehive and joined the Orange County Beekeepers Association. In those heady days before anyone had heard of “Varroa destructor” this quickly became four hives and more buckets of honey than the Fricke family knew what to do with.

Kris went to UC Davis where he gained an International Relations degree and, more usefully, training in queen rearing and artificial insemination. With many breaks and distractions he’s been mainly working for Bee Busters for the past nine years, where he is head beekeeper for the 200 hives they run and also engages in commercial bee control.

In 2012 he began teaching beekeeping in Africa as part of a USAID program administered by Winrock International. In Nigeria they have bestowed the Chieftaincy title of “Soyindaro” on him, which means “maker of honey into wealth.” He’s worked in three locations in Nigeria thus far, three locations in Ethiopia, and one project that traipsed up and down the Nile in Egypt.

2013 found him managing 500 hives in the near-tropical cane fields of Bundaberg, Australia. While this was very lucrative, he left to spend another month teaching in Africa.

Now, 20 years after that first hive, he works with bees all week, and then spends his weekend keeping bees, and then spends his vacation days teaching about bees.

The meeting will be at our usual location of:
La Mirada Community Resource Center
13710 La Mirada Blvd.,
La Mirada, CA 90638

For driving directions please call Rich at (949)458-6532