• January Meeting

Please join us Thursday January 22nd 2015 at 6:30PM for our next regular monthly meeting.

The program this month will be Dr. Matina Donaldson-Matasci
Assistant Professor of Biology
Harvey Mudd College:

Honey bees are facing threats from all sides: disease, parasites, pesticides and loss of habitat. Exacerbating these problems is poor nutrition. Just like humans, honey bees need a variety of foods to achieve a balanced diet, without which they’re more susceptible to all kinds of stress. Humans need daily servings of fruit and vegetables; honey bees need pollen from a variety of flowers to stay healthy. Since each bee typically focuses on one type of flower, how can the colony be sure to get the diversity it needs? Furthermore, bees in a modern agricultural setting often just have access to a few kinds of flowers at a time. How does a colony’s pollen diet depend on what’s available in the landscape?

Dr. Donaldson-Matasci is a new Assistant Professor of Biology at Harvey Mudd College in Claremont. She studies behavior in animal groups, with a special focus on social behavior in honey bees and ants. She recently moved to California from Tucson, Arizona, where she did her postdoctoral work on honey bee communication at the University of Arizona and the USDA Carl Hayden Bee Research Center. For more information, see the HMC Bee Lab blog: http://hmcbee.blogspot.com.

This month’s meeting will be at the usual location: La Mirada Civic Center is 13710 La Mirada Blvd., La Mirada, CA 90638 Meetings are always open, and everybody is always welcome. If anybody needs directions driving please call Rich at (949)458-6532 Refreshments are supplied by the club.
For those interested in contacting other club members via email to discussing beekeeping issues, please join our Yahoo Group at http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/bkasc/info



Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday we have no meeting this month. However everybody is invited to our annual holiday banquet on Saturday December 13th at 1:00PM at:
Clearman’s North Woods Inn
14305 Firestone Blvd
La Mirada, CA 90638
Phone number (714) 739-0331
All club members who worked the fair booth will receive subsidy towards dinner. Everybody else is welcome to attend at the rate of menu prices there. If you plan to attend and did not receive an RSVP via email please send email to wd6esz@cox.net so that we are sure to have space for you.

This year we are honored to have Dr Kirk Visscher, Professor of Entomology at UCR, come talk to us about honey bee communication. His biography is: “Research Specialization – Social insects represent one of the pinnacles of organic evolution. Their societies display complexities of interactions among individuals and feats of group cooperation rivaled only by humans. My research interests in the social behavior and ecology of social insects emphasize honey bees, which occupy a special place among the social insects because they are among the most behaviorally complex, the most amenable for study, and of the greatest benefit to man.”

Also we are still in need of a couple more board members for the year 2015. So far we have:
President: Robin Theron
Treasurer: Richard Heryford
but we still need:
Vice President: ??? ???
Secretary: ??? ???

And as always for anybody not already a member of the club Yahoo Group please joins us so that you can contact other club members via email to discuss beekeeping issues and club events at:


Any other inquiries please call Rich at (949)458-6532