• Our next Hands-On Beekeeping field trip!

Okay, so you can purchase the hive, you can even purchase a queen and bees, but what do you do then? Maybe you have even read the books that are recommended. You are ready… yet you are still waiting for something or someone to help you get started. Well, you are in luck! BASC offers field trips to an experienced member’s beeyard for hands-on introductory beekeeping sessions.  

Our next hands-on beekeeping field trip is going to be sometime in May of this year. The exact date is vague at this time as we are working with the calendar. However, as we get closer to May, the exact date and time will be available to all members and potential members that want to participate. Membership in our club is only $8 for the entire year and includes events like these as well as access to library resources of books, films, trade magazines, and supplier catalogs. This is not nearly as important as the access members have to experienced beekeepers found at every BASC meeting. We want you learn and enjoy this hobby as much as we do, and that is saying a lot.

We try to hold our “Beekeeping 101″ sessions at least 3 times a year so that new and potential beekeepers can get physically involved with handling a hive of bees. We also include practical skills like assembling wooden hive components, wiring wax to new frames, and extracting honey from comb. The day ends with either a relaxing lunch or bbq to unwind and chat with other beekeepers.

Please contact us be email and/or check back to this site for updated fieldtrip information.