• Why Choose Beekeeping as a Hobby or Profession?

Why Choose Beekeeping as a Hobby or Profession?    

     Beekeeping truly is one of the worlds oldest professions, closely linked to the development of agriculture in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Though we have learned much about how honey bees accomplish such amazing things, each new discovery leads to new questions to ask, and new secretes to explore.     

     Beekeeping engages the mind and benefits the physical health of people of all ages and walks of life. It is an interesting and productive outdoor avocation. The level of physical activity required can be as mild or as rigorous as you like. The hive products can benefit your health. And the delicious honey produced from just a few hives can produce extra income.    

     Working with the seasons of the hive can “put you in tune” with the complexities of our plant world and with the seasons and cycles of nature. For example, honey made from the nectar of each type of flower has a distinct color and flavor. So the color and taste change during the year as different flowering plants fulfill their life cycles.     

     Honeybee products have been valued for thousands of years for their nutrition and health benefits, and for their medicinal uses (and may other uses as well).     

     Honey is one of the oldest known medicines, revered by the ancient Egyptians for its healing properties. Hypocrites, the Greek “Father of Medicine,” used honey in many of his prescriptions.     

     Royal Jelly, a hormone-rich immune system enhancer, has been used for centuries by the Chinese as the secret of a long, healthy, youthful life.     

     Pollen has long been highly regarded for its concentrated, energizing nutrients and as an anti-inflammatory.     Propolis is such an effective antibacterial that it was used in the Egyptian mummification process as a preservative.    

     Beeswax is a standard base for many medicinal ointments and nourishing skin creams (and dozens of other fascinating uses).     

     Even one colony of honeybees can substantially increase production from your fruit trees and vegetable and flower gardens. Sale of excess honey can more than pay for your hobby. And just think of the pride you will feel at presenting gifts of your own pure, natural, delicious and beautiful honey to you friends and family!