7 Tips To Help You Find The Best Long Distance Movers

A long distance move can be quite stressful whether you are moving state-to-state or coast-to-coast. It is an important step that requires careful planning and time. The next important consideration is the moving company you should choose. It is always important to trust your belongings to a reputable and experienced long distance moving company.

The moving company’s ultimate goal should be to ensure that your belongings get from one point to the other on time and without any damage, all while giving you the peace of mind you need. When planning your move to a faraway location, it is important to have a set of criteria to help you choose the right mover.

Here Are 7 Important Tips from BASCBees.org to Help You Find the Best Long Distance Moving Companies

1. Estimates or Binding Rates

Estimates or moving quotes are guessed amounts, but the final price may or may not be within that range. If a mover is willing to offer a “Binding Rate” rather than an estimate, always choose the moving company that provides a binding rate over the one that offers an estimate or non-binding rate.

Long distance moving companies have been known to inflate costs and add fees once the move is complete. Protect your moving budget by ensuring that you receive a firm quote with a binding rate to avoid any disappointments.

2. In-Home Evaluation to Verify Quote Accuracy

If the moving company is situated in your area, you should inquire about an “in-home” estimate. However, not all moving companies offer these, but it is the best way to ensure that you receive an accurate and realistic moving quote.

Avoid moving companies that offer quotes on the basis of cubic feet or weight. Always keep in mind that over the quote phone quotes are not a guarantee and you should be wary of moving companies that only offer these.

3. Employees Vs. Contracted Help

Not all moving companies are the same especially with regards to manual labor. Some of them prefer hiring workers as independent contractors rather than employees. If this is the case, you are more likely to witness careless packaging of belongings, delayed travel dates, or even lost items.

It is always advisable to work with one of the top 20 long distance movers that use their equipment, trucks, and most importantly employees because it is the only way that you can be truly sure that your belongings are in safe hands.

4. Temporary Storage

Setting up the house and turning on utilities is just about impossible if you are planning a long distance move that coincides with starting a new job. You may be required to have some of your belongings moved in advance and stored or stored temporarily before they are relocated.

While a good moving company is likely to offer you discounted rates for the temporary storage of your belongings, the best moving companies should offer at least one month of free storage.

5. Speed

You need to consider whether your chosen moving company is capable of performing a long distance move on short notice. While not everyone relocates like this, some people hold off the move until the very last moment. This is quite common in case of emergencies of a family member that lives in a different state or city families that often have to relocate fast.

People also get jobs in different states and have to relocate quickly. So, when such a situation arises, you need to be sure that the moving company can move your belongings as smoothly and efficiently as possible within a short period.

6. Moving Supplies and Setup

Moving and especially over long distances requires packing your belongings in a particular way. Unfortunately, packing supplies are not always easy to come by. It is always advisable to ensure that the moving company you choose provides the packing supplies required and will pack, wrap, load, transport, unload, and unwrap your belongings if necessary.

While some moving companies do this, not all movers will include it in the price quote that they give you. Always ensure that all the services you require are included in your quote upfront.

7. Reviews

The final important consideration when choosing moving companies is how satisfied previous customers of the moving company that you plan to hire were with the service provided. Once you find a moving company that meets your moving criteria, you need to check the feedback of the people that have previously used the company.

Today, this is easier than ever since you can directly go online to relocation websites like www.mylongdistancemovers.com and check this. Alternatively, you can ask your friends and relatives for customer feedback and opinions. Read and listen to all reviews of your chosen moving company carefully and pay attention to the details. If you find out that most people are satisfied with the company that you plan to hire, you can pick them for your long distance move.

The Bottom Line

A long distance move can be quite stressful but finding and hiring the right moving company can make it much more manageable. Follow the seven tips provided here, and you are guaranteed to have the best move possible that does not cause you much stress. Now that you know what to look for as well as what you should expect from the top 20 moving companies, the next step is to find a company to work with, BASCBees.org Movers Association can help you with that as well!

7 Best Smart Moving And Packing Tips

Moving to a new home can be exciting, but the thought and the task of doing it can be stressful. If you are planning to relocate to a new area, you need to plan in advance if you want everything to work out smoothly. Even though there is always the option of hiring a moving company for assistance, you can save extra money by doing some of the important stuff on your own.

Preparation For Your Moving Day

Moving does not necessarily have to be challenging all the time, it can be simple and all you need is enough time to prepare according to most moving experts. The first thing you are required to do is gather packing materials and get rid of things that you do not need. Donating or selling way unnecessary items will reduce the number of stuff you will have to carry.

1. Sort All Things By Category

Sorting things by category will make it easy and quick for you to find everything that you need. Before the big day comes, it is advisable that you sort your closet and laundry room to make sure that you get all clothes packed in one place. Furthermore, make sure that you do the same for all your books and shoes.

2. Research For Professional Moving Companies Near You

Finding a reputable household moving company can be time-consuming and challenging. Because of this reason, you might want to do your research a few days earlier so that you can have enough time to find the right and most affordable moving company. Remember, to check the list of services that the company provides and how much they charge for their services before making your final decision.

3. Get Packing Materials Such As Moving Boxes

Packing materials are easy to find and affordable. However, if you still have some of the original boxes for your products, you can use them instead of buying new ones. Also make sure that you buy extra packing materials as well as other accessories that you will need such as, packing tape, extra screws, a measuring tape and packing paper.

4. Call For Assistance A Week Early

If you are relying on family and friends to help you with your moving project, then make sure that you remind them a week early to avoid any inconveniences on your moving day. Besides, reminding your friends and relatives, you also need to change your residential address a week before you relocate to a new area.

5. Label All Moving Boxes During The Big Day

Finding your stuff will not be easy once you have packed them in the moving boxes. However, by labelling each box, it will be easy for you to know what each box is carrying. Use packing tape instead of duct tape because it is tough and much sticky than duct or packing tape.

6. Use Packing Paper, Blankets Or Bubble Wrap For Fragile Items

Fragile items can easily break if they are not properly packed. However, you can avoid such cases by wrapping each fragile item with a packing paper or blankets. You can use any of these packing materials to protect your dishes, bowls, glasses and even vases.

7. Load Heavy Furniture First

Do not rush to load the boxes into the moving truck, wait until all the heavy furniture is loaded before you can proceed on to the lighter items. Furthermore, make sure that you put someone in charge of the organizing and unloading process so that you can be sure that nothing is left behind.


Moving can be difficult and stressful if one is not well prepared. However, with the help of these tips from BASCBees,org, you can be sure to have a different moving experience.